Music: Teresa Salgueiro | Carisa Marcelino | Óscar Torres | André Filipe Santos | Rui Lobato
Lyrics: Teresa Salgueiro

The morning light
Reveals, announces
Oh Earth, hope is not vain
It is reborn each day
And the dream is (the) place
Of creation

It comes, from far away, an harsh wind
Bringing a different will, with no return

Under the grey sky, the dried land
As dry as the blood that has stained it
From the bodies that have fallen, remains only the forgetfulness
Of those whose reason has reaped them asunder

For those who have given them birth, the immense grief
The mute gesture that accomplishes nothing
It is the emptiness now, the only presence and forever
The warmth of an embrace, a memory

I can say “No”
To “To Kill or to Die”
My direction is “To Be”
I have my Will
I practice Liberty
It would be enough just to start
And each one would be one more
Defending Life